Unity is Strength

Bafaw Cultural & Development Association (Bafcuda GW) is a cultural group made of Bafaw indigenes in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We come together as a people interested in celebrating our rich cultural heritage and building knowledge and awareness of the community around us. As we welcome our brothers, sisters, and children to our organization, BAFCUDA GW says “ LIPAH DI MBA’A A NYE BA SERSEN”.



The history of the Bafaws can be retraced from the great Esambe Ngoe from the Mbo plains. He settled at a place called Mashui found near Kokobuma, one of the 10 Bafaw villages. One of his sons, a fearless hunter named Midiki Uke “Bokeng” went hunting and founded Kumba around 1640. He was discovered under an umbrella tree called “ekomba” in Bafaw by a Portuguese explorer. When asked what his names were, he thought the explorer asked what the name of the tree was. He said “ekomba” and the explorer wrote down “Kumba”. Hence the name of the town today is Kumba. The real name of the town is Midiki. This simple mistake was done owing to the language barrier. The explorer could not understand Bafaw and Midiki could not understand Portuguese.

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The Bafaw (BAFO) tribe is made up of 10 villages that constitutes three clans:

• BA-YUKI ( Kombone, Bolo, Ikiliwindi, Mambanda)

• BAPEBAN (Kurume, Kumba, Dieka)

• BATOMS (Kokobuma, Dikomi)

While the Bakoms can only be found in Kokobuma & Dikomi, the Bayuki’s and Bapebans spread throughout all of the 8 Bafo villages. We invite you to attend a BAFCUDA-GW general meeting or become a registered member to learn more about Bafaws and grow in the culture. General meetings are on the 1st Sunday of each calendar month.


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